onni beanie
Knitting Patterns

Free knitting pattern: The Onni Beanie

// NEW! The downloadable PDF-version of this pattern is now available on my Etsy shop! // Hi everyone! You have no idea how happy and excited I am to release this beanie pattern so without further ado: ladies and gents, may I present to you The Onni beanie! Onni is the Finnish word for happiness …

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mitten pattern
Knitting Patterns

Free knitting pattern: The Onni Mittens

Hi there folks, so glad to see you’ve found your way to this free mitten pattern so let me present to you: The Onni Mittens! Onni is the Finnish word for happiness and if you ask me, keeping your hands warm when the first snow falls and  you’re drinking hot chocolate from a take away …

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Strasbourg Travel

Picture diary: Strasbourg

Hi guys! Phew I feel like it’s been a hundred years since I last sat down and actually had the time to update anything on the blog. But here I am now! We’ve had a few busy weeks as my boyfriend was on holiday and we even got to have my little sister from Finland …

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Helsinki Travel

Helsinki in early June

Ahhhh, trust me when I tell you nothing beats a summery Helsinki! I had the chance to spend a few days in the city in the beginning of June with my best friends and my little sister, and we got to enjoy some amazingly sunny and pretty summer days. I have yet to plan & …

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Summer 2018 so far

Okay guys, let me just get one thing straight right from the start: I’M BEYOND SHOCKED THAT IT’S GOING TO BE AUGUST LIKE NEXT WEEK??! I know I risk sounding like my grandmother by saying this (pretty sure she’s not reading this but grandma, I love you!) but seriously tho, where is all this time …

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