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Bts-series part 3: Laurenmychelle


Hi guys, it’s time for the third part of the series! In today’s post, we’ll get to know Lauren who is the sweetest and most wonderful girl you can imagine! Her Instagram is a constant source of inspiration and her photography skills are out of this world – seriously, her feed is one of the most beautiful ones around. I could’ve chosen all of her pictures for this post but for the sake of the reading experience, I decided not to. So keep on reading and click your way to her Instagram through the pics!

The basics

Name: Lauren Tran
Home town: Westminster, CA
Instagram: Laurenmychelle
Website/Etsy: Click here to Etsy Shop!
Describe your business in a few words: Cozy and casual handmade knitwear.


10 questions

1. What’s your favorite 90’s jam?
– Anything NSYNC or Backstreet Boys! There are so many songs I love, though, so it’s too difficult to pick!

2. What were you like in high school?
– I was super shy and introverted! I was also pretty academically-focused and only joined sports (tennis) for a few weeks because my parents made me. My AP classes stressed me out too much. I was still bubbly and had lots of friends, but social interaction always tired (and still does!) me out. I was so passive and always avoided confrontation! I think I was such a dork. It didn’t help that I lugged around a huge guitar case for my music class!

3. How many times does it take for you to listen to a song that you love before you actually hate it instead?
– I don’t often hate the songs that I listen to obsessively. I just lose the interest. Usually, I just move onto another song or genre for a while!

4. What’s your favorite cereal brand?
– Kellogg! I love cereal so much, but I hardly ever eat it for breakfast… I eat it basically any time that isn’t in the morning!

5. What life advice would you give to your 10-year-old self?
– Don’t be so quiet!!! Stand up for what is right and don’t ever dumb yourself down for anyone’s friendship.


6. If knitting/crocheting didn’t exist what would be your go-to hobby?
– Baking/cooking would be what I would do instead! I’ve always had a passion for food. Although… reading has always been my first love. I think if I wanted a hobby that involved more movement on my part, it would be baking and cooking. Reading would be more of a soothing and restful hobby.

7. Do you have a lot of unfinished knitting/crocheting projects or do you always finish what you’re doing before starting a new one?
– Oh, boy. I have tons of unfinished knitting/crocheting projects! I always resolve to finish the ones that have deadlines approaching first, but I always seem to start another one… If I’m super stressed, I’ll usually knit/crochet monogamously until that deadline passes and then return to my plethora of projects. I love being able to have variety and to change things up. Sometimes working with a certain weight of yarn gets boring for me! It’s nice to have some quick projects and some with lighter-weight yarn.

8. If you could only use one yarn for the rest of your life what would that yarn be and why?
– This must be the hardest question ever!! It was super hard deciding… It might have to be Crazy Sexy Wool by Wool and the Gang because it’s just so squishy, unbelievably soft, and so luxurious-feeling! I love big and quick knits.

9. What are your tips for taking good pictures of your knits?
– Always have natural lighting! I take my pictures right underneath a window. I usually take a few on the weekends so I can post throughout the week, since I normally don’t get home before it gets dark. I love white backgrounds, so I always take them on my blanket. I also try not to filter my pictures too much because I find that it takes away from the quality.

10. What has been the biggest and proudest moment of your maker journey so far?
– My biggest and proudest moment of my maker journey must be actually opening up my etsy shop. It took months of debating back and forth, as well as a lot of preparation for the grand opening. It seemed, at the time, a culmination of all my efforts. Opening up an etsy really led me outside of my comfort zone! I had no idea how to run a small business, let alone even deliberating about actually opening one. When my shop went live, it was the best feeling. A tangible piece of evidence showing this is how far I’ve come.


5 favorites

Favorite thing about your home town?
– Nearby lots of yummy food places and the beach! It’s not too far from anything that I want to do, and I really do take that for granted most of the time!

Favorite food?
– Pasta is probably my favorite because they’re so versatile! They are such a comfort food for me. I love pasta in soups, sauces, stir-fried, etc… the possibilities are endless!

Favorite person or people?
– My boyfriend is my favorite person because he makes me feel so loved and awesome. He never invalidates my feelings, always is super supportive of whatever I’m doing, and is my moral support and crutch. He’s also the one who encouraged me to open my etsy! He’s my person.

All time favorite knitting or crochet project?
– The Calla Cowl I designed for Darn Good Yarn because it was the first big designed piece I’ve ever made AND written a pattern for! It’s going to always be special because it really showed me that maybe I don’t suck at writing patterns. I also loved being able to design it however I liked, adding lots of aspects just on a whim and just because I wanted to add them.

Favorite holiday memory?
– Thanksgiving. My uncle always made it such a special event. It was him from whom we created all of our Thanksgiving traditions. Even though he is no longer with us, I’ll always remember feeling so wonderful and full of love and thankful around this time of the year.

xx, Kati