Life Travel

A weekend in the Alps

Hi guys! Yayyy how exciting is it to be writing something other than knitting patterns for a change, I should do this more often! Although I do have a few patterns on my mind as well that need to be written down so keep your eyes peeled for those (we’re talking pillows and tassels here)! …

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Strasbourg Travel

Picture diary: Strasbourg

Hi guys! Phew I feel like it’s been a hundred years since I last sat down and actually had the time to update anything on the blog. But here I am now! We’ve had a few busy weeks as my boyfriend was on holiday and we even got to have my little sister from Finland …

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Helsinki Travel

Helsinki in early June

Ahhhh, trust me when I tell you nothing beats a summery Helsinki! I had the chance to spend a few days in the city in the beginning of June with my best friends and my little sister, and we got to enjoy some amazingly sunny and pretty summer days. I have yet to plan & …

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Life Travel

First 6 months in France

6 MONTHS IN FRANCE YOU GUYS! Bonjour after a looong long time! Lately I’ve been feeling completely overwhelmed by how quickly time goes by and I can’t keep up with it, I mean it’s soon summer (the rain and snow can’t continue forever, right?). La vie en France has started pretty well and things have …

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Epinal Life Travel


Bonjour from Epinal! We’re finally starting to settle down after a suuuper busy week and I now have the time to sip some rosé in my trophy wife apparel which includes a fluffy bath robe and pink slippers. Two weeks ago we emptied my apartment in Turku and moved all my belongings to a 2 …

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