20+ Things to Do at Home

Things To Do At Home

Hi friends! As many of us now find ourselves at home, I took to my Instagram stories to ask for ideas about things to do at home and without further ado, here come your best suggestions!

  • Knit
  • De-clutter
  • Explore new recipes
  • Bake
  • Learn a new skill
  • Go through your pictures, print the best ones and organize them into your photo album
  • Read & educate yourself
  • Color & paint
  • Write letters or postcards (even if you have to wait a little to send them)
  • Try a home workout
  • Write a journal
  • Get in touch with people you’ve been too busy to contact before
  • Help older people in your neighborhood with groceries
  • Nap
  • Have movie night
  • Spring clean
  • De-stash your stock
  • Clean out your closets

things to do at home

Time for spring cleaning!

And to add to the list, here are my personal favorites that I’ll be doing on repeat!

  • Do nothing for a while – being bored is fuel to your creativity!
  • Download TikTok if you already haven’t – an endless source for cute cats and dogs!
  • Write blog posts or start a blog if you don’t have one yet – writing is the perfect distraction!
  • Organize your computer files – I often leave pictures & files laying around so doing a little digital cleaning is good for the soul!
  • Try to get into a good work-from-home rhythm – I need to start revising my courses and definitely have some work to do in this front!
  • Call & video chat as much as you can – keeping contact with your family, friends and loved ones is essential!
  • Watch Netflix – no surprise here really!
  • Unbox – we moved to our new home what feels like 50 years ago and yet we still have a good amount of boxes to unpack…

Stay healthy and safe friends, and remember to STAY AT HOME! My fellow makers, we’ve been preparing for this moment for our entire lives – may our coffee cups be full and our hands busy!